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The grain group with the sole objective of creating maximum value from a farmer’s produce with one of the lowest marketing costs of any grain group.

Humber Grain Ltd was formed in 1982 by a group of forward-thinking Lincolnshire farmers with the sole aim of gaining additional value for their own produce. From this modest beginning Humber Grain now provides a marketing service throughout Lincolnshire and Yorkshire.

Unlike the corporate merchants, Humber Grain continues to offer a personal service. The group arranges on-farm sampling and analysis of members’ grain. In addition, our Marketing Agent is always available to provide independent, objective advice.

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General News
Wed 2nd September 2020
Humber Grain Limited, the forward-thinking grain trading business, has announced its newly appointed Grain Trader and Marketing Agent, Marc Rogerson.
Member News
Tue 1st September 2020
Humber Grain Limited are pleased to reveal it new logo. Any members wishing to use this logo please contact the Humber Grain office.
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